LuzRoja Zine is a unique and inspiring project created by MakerMartínez as part of The.Analog.Shooter initiative. Our mission at The.Analog.shooter is to promote the beauty and timeless charm of analog photography within the Spanish-speaking community, sharing our passion for the medium through THE.ANALOG.SHOOTER YouTube and Instagram channels.

LuzRoja Zine is a special extension of our vision, a collective zine dedicated to showcasing captivating analog and film photography projects. Each issue revolves around a specific theme and features an exclusive interview with a renowned photographer who shares their expertise in the world of analog photography. But our zine doesn’t stop there – we also record the interviews as podcasts, available for streaming on YouTube, and provide written summaries within the zine itself.

At LuzRoja Zine, we believe in the power of collaboration and creativity. That’s why we bring together artists from various fields, including illustrators, filmmakers, designers, and lab technicians, to contribute their talents and knowledge to our readers. Our goal is to create a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts, all united by their love for the magical world of analog photography.

For example, our first issue will feature a collaboration with a talented female photographer and illustrator who will create a captivating illustration of a Rolleiflex twin-lens camerA. This piece embodies the idea that analog photography is ever-present and intertwined with life itself.

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